Bollywood Dance (Englisch)
verantwortlich: Nani Tubbesing

Bollywood dance originated as an offshoot of Hindi cinema. In its early years it was seen as a part of the film but now it has an identity of its own. In contemporary Indian cinema, special attention is paid to the dance style, choreography, costumes and cinematography while filming a dance number.

Bollywood dance is an amalgamation of many different Indian as well as international dance forms such as kathak, bhangra, Jazz, zumba etc.
The dance moves have evolved over the years from being inspired from indian folk style to more western styles such as hip hop. In some special cases it also involves basics of ballet, break dance and cabaret.

In this dance course, we will learn choreographies, which will be based mainly on Indian folk dances allowing us to get an insight into Indian culture and customs.


Vorraussetzungen: Keine.

Mitzubringen: Sportbekleidung, rutschfeste Socken oder Tanzschläppchen/Schuhe.

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